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Furman Mark Evan

FirstnameMark Evan
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Written books

3401Art & Science of designing an information virus,The1998* NLP
109Explorations of Mind & Brain.part 4: Neocortical Dynamics of Persuasion & Influence1996* Brain Functions
1379Explorations of Mind & Brain,part 2-Life,Death & Anchoring1995* Brain Functions
3064Explorations of Mind & Brain,part 3:Neocortical Dynamics of Metaphor1996* Metaphors
* Brain Functions
3370Simon Says Trauma Gone1999* Therapy
1527Marked for Death:NLP & the Behavior of Information1998* NLP
* Values
934Explorations of Mind & Brain, part 6 -Neurophysics & the Principle of Anchoring1996* Brain Functions
3023Manufacturing Reality:Uncovering the Hidden Forces that Control the Behavior of Information Patterns1998* NLP
3707Explorations of Mind & Brain part 11:Modeling at the Speed of Sight1997* NLP
* Brain Functions
3440Explorations of Mind & Brain, part 9:Neuro-Cognitive Modeling1996* NLP
* Brain Functions
1104Performance Coaching with NLPHow to Make Money with NLP by Solving Business Problems2002* Business
* Coaching
537Explorations of Mind & Brain:part 5:Submodalities through the eyes of a Neuroscientist1996* NLP
* Brain Functions
153Mind, Music and Miracles:Explorations of Mind and Brain part 131997* Brain Functions
3367Explorations of Mind & Brain:Neurophysics of Hypnosis1995* Brain Functions
* Hypnosis
3456Matrix of Genius, part III, Cognitive Neurophysics and the Development of Extraordinary Human Intelligence,The2000* Brain Functions
1555Explorations of Mind & Brain,part 8-the science & practice of Human Performance Modeling & Engineering1996* NLP
* Brain Functions
3493Simon Says Trauma Gone: part II: Cognitive Neurophysics and the Principles of Change2000* NLP
67Matrix of Genius, part IV,The2000* Brain Functions
1472Intelligent Learning Systems:A student-centered model1998* Training
* Accelerated Learning
* Parenting
3365Matrix of Genius, part V: Cognitive Neurophysics and the Development of Extraordinary Human Intelligence,The2000* NLP
* Brain Functions


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