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NLP (audio)

The New Technology Of Achievement


NLP ; Audio ;

TitleNLP (audio)
SubtitleThe New Technology Of Achievement
Book LanguageEnglish
Book TypeBook
DescriptionIn this experience you are guided by the trainers of NLP comprehensive. In these tapes some of the nations outstanding trainers will share the same strategies the have taught thousands of NLP Comprehensice seminair participants. You learn :
- How your motivation strategies work
- How to eliminate past limitations and gain confidence in the future
- How to set your goals and future mission
- How to apply sspecific processes to gain deep self-appreciation and self-esteem

A home-study course from the trainers at NLP Comprehensive teaches the
fundamental NLP techniques of rapport, submodalities, Triggers, values
clarification, the fast phobia relief technique, the swish pattern,
time-lining and more.
Because NLP processes are universal, you can apply them to every area of your life. Our trainers will guide you in applying the processes so you can attain a lasting positive outlook and increase your peak performance.
Pages(not set)
Notes6 audiocassettes + Workbook



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