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Words that Change Minds

Metaprograms for Health


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TitleWords that Change Minds
SubtitleMetaprograms for Health
Book LanguageEnglish
Book TypeBook

This 6-tape set was presented at Anchor Point Institute in Oct., 2000. The tapes present you with the unique opportunity to explore the Metaprogram combinations associated with health and wellness, and problem states such as illness. You will learn how to detect these patterns, what they tell you about the person using them, and the Influencing Language to have maximum impact. Once you understand and master Metaprogram language, you will be able to use almost any NLP protocol conversationally to heal others and yourself. This is your chance to advance your skills and take your knowledge of Metaprograms to a whole new level, even if you have
studied them before.

?Metaprograms are a way to decode any interaction between people. Once you?ve done the decoding then you automatically have the Influencing Language to make a difference.?

Shelle is the author of the definitive book on metaprograms, Words that Change Minds. She trains around the world and is recognized internationally as one of the world?s foremost NLP business trainers and an expert on influencing. She is best known for her work applying advanced NLP approaches and Rodger Bailey?s Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile) to strategic and organizational issues. Her trainings are, above all, practical and about real life. She is known for her ability to ground what she teaches in the real world.

Now Shelle shares the practical application of her work with Metaprograms to the area of health and well being. This is the work she herself made use of as she walked out of the hospital the day after her mastectomy, as she navigated through the medical system during her son?s recent cancer, now in remission; it is what she uses now doing volunteer work with kids and parents at Childrens? Hospital. This workshop gives you practical NLP skills you can use every day.

You will be learning:

Six Motivation Triggers?what someone needs to get and stay motivated
Eight internal processing patterns (Working Traits)
The combinations of patterns associated with wellness and illness
How to overlap NLP techniques with Metaprogram elicitation to enhance your results with clients.
How to language your interventions for maximum impact.
How to know when your client has completed a change: the Done Frame.
Pages(not set)
Notes6 tape set


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